Wilton Course 1, Class 3

by Melissa on March 21, 2008

Tonight I learned the Wilton rose (which we will never speak of again), the shell border, figure piping, drop flowers, and the cake was the “clown” cake.

The shell border is the most common cake border out there, it is the one you see on 99% of the cakes you would buy at the grocery store. It is a pretty easy border to make, and looks very pretty. Figure piping covered making little heads, teddy bears, hearts and fruit, as well as the clowns for the cake. The drop flowers are super cute little flowers that would be perfect for a spring cake.

I made a funfetti cake this time using the diet soda trick. My cake did not rise very much though, I am not sure if it was because I used the diet soda or something else. The cake was decorated with a star border on the top and bottom, multi-colored dots around the side and of course the clowns on top.

Clown Cake


Next class: The final class of course 1! Yay! The final cake revolves around the rose spray (ugghhh). It will incorporate leaves, vines, bows and floral accents. I will be spending my weekend practicing roses. :)

Supplies needed: There are no new supplies needed for this class, but I am going to pick up a couple more small spatulas.

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