Wilton Course 2, Class 3

by Melissa on April 28, 2008

Flowers, flowers and more flowers! This class continued on with making flowers out of royal icing. 

We started out with the Victorian rose. Now if you read my post about the roses in course 1, you know that I was less than thrilled to be re-visiting this little gem. But this is the Victorian rose, which means it is made with a different tip! These beautiful roses were made with tip 97. I also think the consistency of the royal icing makes these easier to create. I was thrilled with how these came out.

Next we made daisies. These were probably the easiest flower of the night, and they are so cute! I can totally see myself making a cake covered with different colored daisies in the near future.

We went from the easiest flower to the most difficult, the daffodil. I love daffodils out in the real world, but in Wilton world, they are the devil. What makes these flowers so difficult is creating the little points on the petals. I think they have the potential to be very cute, but with so many other flowers I can make, I don’t see myself bothering with these again.

The next flowers we created were pansies. I love the look of the contrasting yellow and purple in these flowers. In person they really do look purple, not blue.

The last flower I learned was the primrose. These took a little practice to get the petal shape correct and making the last petal even with the first petal, but overall not a very hard flower and very pretty.

We had some extra time at the end of class and I had some extra icing so I made my chrysanthemums for the final cake. I had practiced these in class 1 with buttercream icing, but had not gotten around to making them with royal icing.

I love how all of my flowers are coming out and I am looking forward to putting them all together for the final cake.

Next class: The end of course 2, which means the final cake. The cake I will be making is an oval cake and I will add a basketweave border during class, then top with the final flowers.

Supplies needed: None. I just need to decide what kind of cake I will be making! I also need to make my second set of color flow birds, since the first set met an untimely demise.


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Chelle April 28, 2008 at 11:32 am

Your flowers look perfect! I can’t wait to start making them!


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