Wilton Course 3, Class 3

by Melissa on May 28, 2008

This class was all about making flowers on the lily nail. We learned how to prepare the lily nail for various flowers, then we made an Easter Lily, Poinsettia, Petunia and Morning Glory. All of the flowers were made from royal icing. I think my favorite flower that we made tonight was the Petunia.

After completing the flowers, we talked about tiered cake construction. Let me just say it is much more complicated then I thought! We talked about the difference in constructing a stacked cake (no space between the cakes) and push in pillar construction. One thing my instructor stressed is to always play around with whatever style pillars/cake lifters you may be using prior to assembling your final cake, just to get comfortable with them.

Next Class: Assembling our final cake! I need to bring in a 6×4 inch round cake, a 10×4 inch round cake, both iced and covered with fondant. I also need about 40 fondant roses and 30 leaves to decorate the cake with.

Supplies needed: A 6-inch round cake pan, a 10-inch round cake pan and cake circles the exact size of the cakes, as well as something to put the final cake on.

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