Wilton Course 3, Class 4

by Melissa on May 28, 2008

Yay! It’s tiered cake time! This cake was very labor intensive, but I am so proud of how it came out! I spent almost 2 entire days assembling the components for this cake. The bottom layer is two 10-inch cakes, and the top is two 6-inch layer cakes. Both of the cakes are frosted with buttercream and covered with rolled marshmallow fondant.

I had some minor disasters making my cakes- namely baking them. The cakes kept sticking in the 10-inch cake pan even though I liberally greased and floured the pan. So what should have been 2 cakes, turned into 4 cakes, each cake being an entire recipe since the pan is so big. That means extra ingredients, extra trips to the store…. etc. The 6-inch cakes turned out fine and I learned my lesson to bake my cakes a little more in advance and buy extra cake ingredients! I will post the cake and filling recipes I used a little later.

The roses were much more time consuming then I was planning on. I didn’t quite have the required 38 roses, but I think it looks great anyway! I didn’t want to deal with coloring different shades of fondant, so I painted the white roses with pink pearl dust mixed with a small amount of vanilla. I love how the pearl dust shimmers in the light. The leaves were relatively easy to whip out and the little flowers were very easy, and so cute! The border is a buttercream ruffle border.

My estimate is that this tired cake would feed at least 40 people. We had some for dessert during our Memorial Day cookout, sent a some home with friends, some to the neighbors and the rest went to work with Nate.

The final Wilton course is all about working with fondant and gumpaste. I plan to take this course eventually, but the next couple months are very busy for us, so I am going to hold off for right now.


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