A couple of cakes

by Melissa on July 20, 2008

These are a couple of the cakes I have made over the past couple of months. I was debating posting them since I didn’t really get any good pictures, but I decided to put them out there anyway.

I made this cake for LNA week at work. The LNA’s work very hard and we had a little party to celebrate all that they do. I made a 9×13 chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and decorated with fondant flowers.


I made this cake for my Dad’s Birthday. He loves Nascar racing and he actually was in town for the race the weekend after his Birthday, so I brought this cake to the track for him to enjoy. I made a 1/2 yellow 1/2 chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream, and I made the flags from fondant. FYI: Black buttercream bleeds purple on to white icing! I did not know this when I decorated the cake the day before I was bringing it to him and had to do some last minute touch ups.

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