A couple of awards!

by Melissa on October 1, 2008

Life has been crazy for us lately, and while I have been busy cooking and baking I am a little slow getting things posted! Unfortunately, I fell down my stairs on Monday and badly sprained my ankle. I can’t walk on it and it is very sore, but at least it is giving me a chance to lay here and update my blog! I will have some updates later today and the next couple days from my Daughter’s First Birthday party, as well as some delicious Fall desserts.

I received the following awards on my blog a little while ago, but again have been very slow acknowledging them! Thank you so much ladies, I love being a part of the blogging community and truly appreciate these awards!


I received the Brilliant Weblog award from Susan at Food.Baby. Susan has a fantastic blog that I really enjoy reading and she is from Australia!


Thank you so much to Renea and Amy for passing on the E for Excellent award to me. Renea’s blog, Sweet Savory Southern is full of delicious recipes for comfort food and she has even started to do some restaurant reviews. Skinny Food that feels Guilty, by Amy, has several WW friendly recipes and some fabulous cakes!

Since I am so far behind, I am just going to say that I love all of your blogs and if you are reading this, consider these awards for you!

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