Graduation Cake Pops

by Melissa on June 15, 2009

It’s graduation time! Leave it to Bakerella to come up with the idea for these adorable cake pops! When my friend asked me to make a graduation cake, I decided it was the perfect reason to make these as well. Luckily, this same friend also came over to help me assemble the pops. Thanks Melissa!

You can use a peanut butter cup as the base, or a portion of a cake ball. I happened to have an extra layer of a chocolate cake in my freezer (doesn’t everybody?), so I went with the cake ball route. I also used Hershey’s Cacao Reserve Milk Chocolates as the tops, and Rainbow Twizzlers as the tassels. To see more pictures, including how to pics, be sure to check out Bakerella’s blog!


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