Kit Kat Cake

by Melissa on September 16, 2009

How cute is this cake?! Not only does it look awesome, it is so easy to make! No cake decorating skills required. I made this for a co-workers birthday. She is always munching on candy, so I knew this would be perfect for her.


All you do is take your favorite cake recipe, bake and let cool. Before frosting, make sure your cake is shorter than a kit-kat bar, if not trim some off the top to leave room for the M&M’s. Frost with your favorite frosting.

Take a bunch of kit-kat bars (about 4 large packages), cut or gently break each bar into two sections. Place the bars on the cake, gently pushing into the frosting. Tie with a ribbon and fill the center with M&M’s (about 1 large bag). You can leave some out to pour around the base of your cake, but since this cake was traveling with me to work, I didn’t bother. That’s it! Easy peasy!


I used Hershey’s Perfectly Chocolate Cake and Frosting for this cake, but you can use a box mix or whatever your favorite cake recipe is!

Source: Paige’s Pantry, as seen on The Tipsy Hostess.

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