A note from Melissa

by Melissa on March 6, 2013

I have been putting off writing this post. You see, I am a major procrastinator and if I can put something off, especially something I am not looking forward to, I will. That is what happened with this blog, I was not looking forward to updating it, so I didn’t. Granted, I did have some major life changes (trying to sell a house, relocating 600+ miles across the country with my family, new job etc.) but the bottom line was I didn’t make time for this blog because it was not fun for me anymore.

Like many other food bloggers I started this blog as a recipe collection for me, and to have as a reference for my friends and family when they asked me for recipes. But, after 5 years the blogging world had completely changed. I know longer felt like my blog was “good enough”. I couldn’t keep up with all the social media sites necessary to have a “successful” blog, I couldn’t give away hundreds of dollars worth of gifts every year, I couldn’t update with new posts the recommended 3-5 times per week, my writing wasn’t witty, my pictures were far from perfect and I don’t own Photoshop!

I only recently came to the realization that I miss blogging! I miss taking that time to write about recipes that my family and I have enjoyed, and I have made some really yummy things lately! I also miss interacting with all of you. I sincerely appreciate everyone who reads this blog and I miss reading your comments and Facebook posts.

So I am back, and I am really happy to be back! I hope you will continue to stop in from time to time, even if I don’t update as often as you would like or have pictures worthy of hanging in a gallery, or that I can’t give you a new car! But, I plan to keep in mind that this blog is ultimately mine, my project, my pictures and my writing, and I refuse to fall back in to the mindset that it is not good enough.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, I will be back with a recipe post soon. We are having a snow day today, and I am taking the time to get caught up! And again, thank you so much for reading! :)

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