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{About Melissa}

What do you want to know?!

Hmmm… My name is Melissa (but I am frequently also called Melanie, Michelle and Martha). I am 28 years old and I live in New Hampshire with my wonderful family. I love living in New England, and I especially love fall. My paycheck comes from working as a registered nurse, and while I love my job, my passion is cooking and baking! I am a home cook and have no formal culinary training. But I do have a dad who can cook anything without a recipe, and a mom who is very well known for her amazing baked goods.

When I am not working, cooking or baking, I am trying to learn how to use my very complicated Canon Rebel T1i. I am slowly playing with and learning more about my camera, but thank goodness for automatic mode! 

{About the Blog}

I created my original blog, Made by Melissa, back in January of 2008 as a way of keeping track of recipes and also to share them with family and friends. Since then, the food blogging community has grown tremendously and in order to keep up, I switched over to my own domain in October of 2010. If you take a look back through the archives, you will see that my cooking and photography skills have greatly improved!

Blog design by Jessica over at The Frilly Coconut. If you are looking for a wonderful designer, I highly recommend Jessica! She is incredibly creative and amazing to work with!

{About the Mixer}

“It all started when you got your stand mixer” This was what my husband said to me a couple of months ago when we were talking about how far I have come in the kitchen. And, don’t tell him, but he was right! I started out like most young adults fresh out of college, a very basic kitchen and very little knowlegde about what to do in it. Then one day, I got a steal of a deal on a Kitchen Aid Standmixer. While it was a great deal, it was still more money than I had ever spent on any kitchen appliance and if I was going to spend that amount of money on something, I was going to use it! And I did, I used it as often as I could and by doing so, I learned how much I loved being in the kitchen. So, when I was going through the blog redesign and transfer, and my wonderful blog designer sent me a mock up of the header above, I knew it was perfect! Not to get all mushy on you, but my stand mixer is the heart of my kitchen. OK, so that was pretty cheesy, but now you understand! :)

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I love hearing from readers! Please feel free to leave a comment or e-mail me at madeinmelskitchen@gmail.com. You can also find me on Facebook, Twitter and Stumbleupon!


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